Fish Market In Catania

Province of Catania

The fish market is an incredible attraction in Catania and here you can buy or taste a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood

A smelly and colourful atmosphere greets people in A’ Piscaria (La Pescheria), the famous fish market of Catania that is one of the biggest in Italy. Located in Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto, close to the city port, it is a must-see place for lots of reasons. Based on an ancient tradition, the fish market is open on weekday mornings from 7am to 2pm and all day on Saturdays. Every morning is lively and animated, and here you can buy or taste a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood, including clams, mussels, sardines, swordfish, tuna and many more. Following the local traditions, fishermen will try to attract buyers with their loud voices and lots of gesticulations. Nearby there are also fruit and veg stalls as well as cheeses and mushrooms from the mountain villages around Etna.
As you can probably imagine, this area is very wet with scraps of fish everywhere, so we recommend you don’t wear open toe shoes!

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