Scala Dei Turchi Beach

Province of Agrigento

Scala dei Turchi is one of the most visited attractions in the entire province of Agrigento.

There is not much to say about the Scala dei Turchi as the images say it all. You cannot pass on this beach as it is one of the most amazing places you will see in Sicily if not in the whole world. A natural stunning white staircase leads you into the marvels of a limpid turquoise beach. The contrast of the different blue colours with the rock formation are spectacular!

Scala Dei Turchi Beach body 1

Scala dei Turchi is a large rock overlooking the sea in the area of Realmonte, close to Porto Empedocle. It is one of the most visited attractions in the entire province of Agrigento with its characteristic white cliffs. The bay is characterised by a particular white colour that conveys an exotic look to this beach. Its name comes from the incredible shape of the rock that looks like a staircase, and for this reason the district of Realmonte applied for the UNESCO heritage in 2007. It is not easy to reach this cove, as it mostly consists of climbing to get there you’d better be up for a challenge! This alluringly magical place has been transformed by more visitors thanks to the books of Andrea Camilleri and the related tv series about the stories of the Commissario Montalbano who mentioned the bay several times. Some people consider this coast the most poetic and inspiring of the whole Sicily, where it is possible to contemplate and meditate with the sound of the waves.

Scala Dei Turchi Beach body 2

Admission Fee: Free beach

Opening Times: daytime location

Address: Realmonte, Province of Agrigento

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