Province of Palermo

Altofonte is a charming village has a lovely old town centre which includes stunning cultural attractions. 

The small village of Altofonte is located in the province of Palermo. It was called ‘Parco’ (park) up until the 1930s, as it was originally part of the hunting ground for King Roger II; the name ‘Altofonte’ means ‘high springs’.
Altofonte has lots of interesting monuments such as:
The Collegio of Maria built by the Abbot Giuseppe Barlotta in 1758, it has a beautiful courtyard and a tiny church dedicated to the Sacred Family. The Chapel of San Michele Arcangelo has a Bizantine structure and impressive decorated arches. The main square of the village is characterised by the presence of six fountains such as the Fontana Borbonica, the Fontana Borghese, the Fontana Impero, the Fontana Abbeveratioio, the Fontana Grande, the Fontana Rossa. Moreover the Vernaci Palace is a well preserved example of Neoclassical architecture, rich in decorations and sculptures. It hosted the Public Library with over thousand ancient books dating back to the 1600 to the 1850. The Ruggieriano Palace was the Prince’s Summer resort which offers a stunning natural environment. The villa “Alimena-Caruto” o Orestano, is a manor house, probably built in the 16th century, belonging to the noble family Alimena.
Built in 1910 to honour the Italian Risorgimento, the Garibaldi Obelisk is one of the most important symbol of the village which remembers the violent battle of the Calvario.
The village has two wonderful parks, the Robinson park and the Parco Itinerante della Moarda, where it is possible to relax and to enjoy the beautiful natural environment.

People live here:



Sagra dell’olio, food festival

Serre della Moarda Trail sport festival



Via Degli Astronauti 61 bis, 90030 Altofonte, Italia


Ma Che Gusto Ristorante italiano 

Contrada Valle Malva, Altofonte PA

Ph. 091 664 0835;

Old america Pizzeria 

Viale del Fante, 52, Piano Maglio-blandino PA

Ph. 091 438901

Pizzeria Ginepro Di Anitra Antonina  

Via Sandro Pertini, 24, (Santa Cristina Gela PA )

Ph. +39 091 438948

Spizzico Bacco & Co di Romeo Maria Angela  

Via Vittorio Emanuele 35

Ph. +39-0916640677


Isola della Femmine


Capo Gallo


Cala rossa



Capo Zafferano

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