Altavilla Milicia

Province of Palermo

Altavilla Milicia is famous for its impressive productions of honey. Today the village product over 50 types of this delicious and healthy food. 

Altavilla Milicia is a tiny village located in the province of Palermo, it was founded by Francesco Maria Beccadelli in 1621. The archaeological digs uncovered an interesting cavern, the Mazzamuto cave, where several objects dating back to the Palaeolithic period such as the ruins of an amazing necropolis had been preserved.
The name Milicia derives from the Greek statue of Zeus Melichios discovered near Solunto. The Greek adjective Melichios means Sweet and it refers to the massive fields of sugar cane cultivated in the area.  The Santuario Madonna della Milicia, was built by Anfuso Bellacera at the end of the 15th century. Here it is possible to admire the popolar painting of Nostra Donna and San Francesco, also called Madonna della Milicia.
The Ex-Voto Museum located in the basement of the Santuario Mariano Diocesano della Madonna della Milicia. This museum displays a collection of 400 metal sheets taken from sardine cans and painted by local artists.
The Church of S. Maria di Campogrosso, also known as “Chiesazza” (Big Church), was built in 1077 by Roberto il Guiscardo and it is one of the first example of Norman building in Sicily. The Torri della Milicia e del Capo Grasso, are two important watchtowers built by the Aragonese to protect their colony from Pirates invasions.

People live here:


Typical food:

The Altavilla sausages

50 types of honey

Prosciutto Crudo della Milicia

Il pasticciato, a typical sweet made with pastry and ricotta


Carnevale Altavillese, the Carnival

The Nativity 

Sagra della salsiccia, food festival

Sagra della Cuccìa this fest celebrate the ancient local dish cooked in honour of Santa Lucia since 1646

How to get there:

By Car:

From Falcone Borsellino Airport to Palermo

take A20 to Messina – Catania, exit Altavilla Milicia.

By Train:

From Palermo

Get the Trinacria Express train from Palermo Station. (40 minutes)

By Bus:

Bus service from the Palermo Station

From Catania Airport:

By Car:

take A19 exit Altavilla Milicia,

By Train:

From Catania Railway station get trains to Messina, stop Termini Immerse and change to Altavilla Milicia

From Messina

By Car:

Take A20 to Palermo (200 km) uexit Altavilla Milicia.

By Train:

From Messina Railway station get trains to Palermo, stop Termini Immerse and change to Altavilla Milicia


Lido sporting & Sporting Residence Club  3*

B&B Altavilla Beach

Villa Cottone  

Via Chiesazza Sperone III, 90010 Altavilla Milicia, Italia

House Nikà Apartment

Via Passi XII, 90010 Altavilla Milicia, Italia

Villa Panoramica with swimming pool

Strada Cozzo Di Nora, Altavilla Milicia

Mobile: +39 327 560 7679

Casa Ina  Apartments 

Piazza Matrice, 27, 90010 Altavilla Milicia, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 340 301 6012

Abbate Apartments

B&B La Scaletta Blue

Alba Apartments  

Via Chiesazza Sperone XIII Snc, 90010 Altavilla Milicia, Italia

Mistretta Apartments

Torre Normanna Hotel 3*

Hotel Villa mare 3*

Via Vittorio Veneto, 45, 90010 Altavilla Milicia PA

Ph. +39 091 915178;

La Fattoria Bekeer’s Farm House

Bubasvilla Villa 

S.S.113, Altavilla Milicia

Mobile: +39 348 339 1905

B&B Villa Mirtilla


Sciapò Ristorante 

Via Marina della Bruca n.1

Ph. 091 951828

Pizzeria Don Ciccio 

Via Anime Sante, 27, 90010

Ph. 380 786 9861

Le Delizie Di Zio Nino  

Via Pisa, 6, 90010

Ph. +39 091 951863


Capo Zafferano

Termini Imerese



Isola delle Femmine


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