Capo Gallo Nature Reserve

Province of Palermo

Capo Gallo Nature Reserve is very close to the sea and it has a very fascinating natural environment.

Capo Gallo is a promontory of karst origin placed between the marine villages of Mondello and Sferracavallo. Thanks to its location, very close to the sea, it has a very fascinating natural environment. The reserve has lots of interesting caves such as Grotta della Regina, Grotta dei Caprari, Grotta Perciata, Grotta dell’Olio, the prehistoric caves of Mondello, the cave of Fossa del Gallo, where it is possible to discover incredible archaeological findings.

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on E90 to Via Nicoletti Rosario/SS113. Take the exit towards Palermo Centro/Mondello/Sferracavallo from E90. Follow SS113 to the reserve.

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