Capo d’Orlando

Province of Messina

Capo d’Orlando offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Aeolian Islands.

Capo d’Orlando is located in the Nebrodi area, a small Sicilian mountain chain and has always been considered as an important fishing village in the province of Messina. Capo di Orlando rises on the Northern coast of Sicily, in a particular place where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Aeolian Islands. It was founded on the ruins of an ancient village called Agatirno, named after Eolo’s son, who created it during the Trojan War (1218 BC). Later the Normans named the city Capo d’Orlando to honour the famous Carlo Magno’s paladin. The most important monuments of the village are:

the Museum Foundation “Famiglia Piccolo di Calanovella, located in an elegant late nineteenth-century villa, hosts the artistic and every-day memories of the Piccolo di Calanovella family who settled in Capo d’Orlando in the Thirties. It is warmly suggested to take a walk in its park, where, among rare mediterranean plants and trees, visitors can found one of the few pet cemeteries existing in the world;

the Roman Bagnoli Villa, is an archeological area close to the city. Here it is possible to discover the Roman thermal baths, in particular the well preserved “calidarium” and the “frigidarium” decorated by incredible mosaics dating back to the 3rd and 4th century;

the “Bastion” is a square-plan fortress with three levels: the basement contains a big tank used to keep waters, an operative floor and a wonderful terrace. It was used as a watchtower to protect the town’s cultivations from the barbarians;

the caves of the Mercadante are fascinating and very ancient stone plates which emerge to the surface when there is ebb tide in the sea area framed by the touristic port of San Gregorio;

the Sanctuary and the ruins of the Castle of Orlando, built in the 17th century by the count Girolamo Joppolo, was erected as part of the castle. The interior contains two important and precious paintings by Gaspare Camarda, made in 1626 and 1627, and ancient sacred objects and regalia;

the“Agatirnide”, the Antiquarium, created in 2002, hosts the archeological remains found in the Capo di Orlando’s territory dated back to the Bronze Age;

Villa di Vina, once inhabited by Casimiro, Lucio and Agata Piccolo, lords of Calanovella, is a building of great interest. This beautiful old house includes the remarkable works of art, paintings and poems created by the members of the Piccolo family, in addition to many valuable objects and jewels.

People live here:



Sagra del Pesce, fish food festival

Chocolate Festival 

Little Sicily, typical food festival

Festa del Mare, traditional fish festival

Christmas Market

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania Airport

Get on A19 Catania-Messina to Messina, then follow A20 Messina Palerno, exit Brolo – Capo d’Orlando

From Palermo Airport

Get on A20 Messina Palerno, exit Rocca di Caprileone – Capo d’Orlando ovest

By Ferry

the nearest ferry port are Palermo, Milazzo, Catania


Nettuno Resort 

Hotel L’Antica Ruota 4 * 

Residence Sant’Andrea 4 *

Hotel Il Mulino 4 *

Nuovo Hotel Il Faro 2 *                                                                                                                    

Residence Galati

Residence Selenite

Contrada Malvicino 106/A, 98071 Capo dʼOrlando, Italia

Residence Vuelle 4 *

Villa & Apartments Costa D’Orlando


Il Sarchiapone 

Via Cairoli 6, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 342 007 2247

Il Circoletto  

Ristorante I Carusi

A Capo

Piazza Merendino 30, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941 912924

Birreria your beer

Via XXVII Settembre 6/b/c, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 388 812 2436

L’ antica Ruota

Speedy Pizza Capo D’Orlando

Jacks Beach 

Pasto’s bistrot creperia

Via Umberto 20, Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941918025

Bar Tentazioni 

Delicious cafe

Via Giovanni Amendola, 55, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941911559

Pasticceria gelateria Giulio

Via Amendola, Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941912546

Bottega dei Due Monti 

La Focacceria 

Piazza Stazione, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 3928467189

Le Siciliane 

Via Umberto 49, 98071 Capo d’Orlando, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 09411902707

Il Torrente 


Capo d’Orlando Beach

Brolo Beach

Testa di Monaco Beach

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