San Piero Patti

Province of Messina

San Piero Patti is a village located in the charming province of Messina which is rich in history and traditions.

San Piero Patti was conquered and inhabited by Arabs until the 11th century when Roger I defeated them including the area in his reign.
Later Federico II d’Aragona, gave the feudal town to Baron Berengario Orioles. The last feudal lord who ruled the village was Gerolamo Corvino Filangieri until the abolition of the feudalism.
The most important monuments of the village are the Church of Santa Maria, built in 1566, includes wonderful frescos made in the 16th century; the Convent of Carmelitani Calzati, erected in 1566, has a charming cloister enriched by impressive Renaissance decorations; the Mother Church, built in the second half of the 14th century; the Museo dei Vangeli e del Verbo Umanato contains a collection of vestments, sacred paintings and artefacts.

People live here:


It is famous for: 

the Prince Giovanni Forti Natoli

The scientist Giovanni Gorgone who was the founder of the Surgical Clinic and the Cabinet of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Palermo

The poet, storyteller and painter Helle Busacca


Sagra dei Maccheroni, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on SS 116 Randazzo- Capo d’Orlando, or take A20 Messina-Palermo, exit Patti.


B&B Le Poiane 3*

Country House Le Rocche 5*

Country House Il Daino

Country House Il Capitano


Ristorante Malatesta   

C/da Tesoriero n. 45  San Piero Patti

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Trattoria Da Luciana

Ristorante Annunziata di Camuti Salvatore Giuseppe

Via Annunziata, 98068 San Piero Patti ME

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La Vecchia Bottega di La Gorga Valentino

45 Contrada Tesoriero, San Piero Patti, Me 98068

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Marina di Patti


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