Basilica di Santa Lucia al Sepolcro

Syracuse city

The Basilica di Santa Lucia al Sepolcro is a charming ancient church rich in well preserved works of art. 

Patron saint of Syracuse, Santa Lucia or Saint Lucy is beloved by the Syracusans, still now they celebrate her twice a year in May and in December, when her statue is placed in front of the main altar of the Duomo and a series of traditional festivities begin. One of the better places to discover more about her life is at the Basilica di Santa Lucia al Sepolcro, rebuilt in the 12th century on the ruins of a Byzantine church destroyed by Arabs.
It has lots of restorations but the most important one is dated back to the 1600 when the church was redesigned by Giovanni Vermexio. Behind the altar you can see the Burial of Saint Lucy, the masterpiece painted by Caravaggio in 1608. This work of art is still very evocative, and its beauty is well known all over the word.
Thanks to its incredible history and beauty, this church is considered a magical place that is revered by citizens, faithful and art enthusiasts alike.

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