Greek Theatre

Syracuse City

The Greek theatre offers a charming location surrounded by an impressive natural vegetation.

The Greek theatre, included in the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, is considered the largest theatre of the ancient world. The Greek theatre is characterised by a charming location surrounded by an impressive natural vegetation which allows you to imagine its golden past when the Greek tragedy were performed for the first time. Located in the second section of the park, it was built in 470 BC and it could accomodate 15,000 spectators. Thanks to its dimensions (it had a diameter of just under 140m) and its incredible beauty, lots of famous plays were premiered there as the works of Aeschylus and Epicharmos, considered the father of comedy.
During the summer time this charming location provides an interesting and fascinating festival with open-air performances, concerts and lectures. The National Institute of Ancient Drama(INDA), a non-profit foundation, provides, since 1914, a series of theatre performances which brings to life the ancient tradition of classic plays. They promote the ancient Greek and Roman theatre sharing their masterpieces with young people and theatre lovers. The foundation’s activities, carried out in one hundred years, aims to promote classical culture, favouring the creation of a cultural koinè that can hold – under the sign of the Ancient Theatre – experiences and new talents.

Attended a performance on a sunny evening with the sunset disappearing behind the stage, could offer you a very stunning experience.

Practical Informations

Adress: Via del Teatro Greco
Tel: 0931 66206 – 65068

Opening Hours: Mon -Sun 9.00 – 5.30pm

Tickets include the Arcaelogical park, the Greek theatre and the Roman amphitheatre
Adult: 10,00 €
Concession: 5,00 €

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