Nature Reserve of Ciane and Saline

Province of Syracuse

Nature Reserve of Ciane and Saline preserves the rare specie of Cyperus papyrus located along the Ciano river.

Framed by orange trees and vineyards, this charming nature reserve, 8 km west of Syracuse, includes the Ciane river and the wet area of salt marshes, known as Saline. The name Ciano (Cyan) derives from the Greek culture and it is referred to the blue colour of its waters. Established in 1984 by the Sicily Region, the nature reserve preserves the rare specie of Cyperus papyrus located along the Ciano river and the spectacular environment of the Saline.

The fascinating area of Saline has been an important economic resource for Sicilians since the 16th century due to its salt extractions, but now it is only the house of incredible migratory birds species. Moreover, near the river, it is possible to find banks of riparian plants and other species such as water mint, reed, purple loosestrife, sedges shore and in the rest of the reserve there is a lush vegetation made of ash trees, poplars and willows.

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