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Bagheria: the hometown of Italian painter, Renato Guttuso and acclaimed director, Giuseppe Tornatore

The town of Bagheria is located in a narrow valley south-easterly of Palermo. Corso Umberto I is the main street of Bagheria and home to the famous Duca di Milazzo palace, which once hosted the Queen Maria Carolina of Austria. Then Villa dei Mostri (The Villa of Monsters), built from 1715 is one of the earliest examples of Sicilian Baroque but its popularity comes mainly from the massive statues of monsters with human faces that decorate its garden and its wall.

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Well known to be the hometown of Italian painter, Renato Guttuso and acclaimed director, Giuseppe Tornatore, this village offers lots of cultural attractions such as the Museum Guttuso which has three floors displaying all the masterpieces donated by the painter to his hometown. The museum also shows other important artists of the twentieth century, such as Mario Schifano, Onofrio Tomaselli, Silvestre Cuffaro. You also have the Observatory of Contemporary Art which was opened in Bagheria in 1997 and was created with the intent to promote Sicilian contemporary art. Here you can discover lots of wonderful paintings, sculptures, photographic catalogs and video-art installations.

In conclusion there is plenty to discover in Bagheria, on top of the above there are also many beautiful churches that well represent the artistic history of this small village. Some of which are Chiesa Madrice, Chiesa del Sepolcro,  Chiesa delle Anime Sante,  Chiesa di SantAntonio, Chiesa della Beata Maria Vergine del Monte Carmelo,  Chiesa di San Pietro apostolo.

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People live here:

It is famous for:
The painter Renato Guttuso
The director Giuseppe Tornatore

Mountain bike festival
The Toy Museum

Museum Guttuso
Opening Times:
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Sunday 9:00am – 1:30 pm, 2:30am – 7:00 pm

How to get there:
By Car
Messina- Palermo (20) Exit 15 Km from Bagheria Palermo
Palermo- Catania (A18)
Via Messina Marine (highway exit port – via Giafar)
Viale Regione Siciliana ( entrance highway Pa – Me – Ct )

By Train
Bagheria – Palermo

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