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Prizzi looks like a typical medieval village with narrow tiny streets, hidden courtyards and steep staircases.

Prizzi, located on the top of the Sicani Mountains (1000 meters above the sea), is considered one of the highest village in Sicily. Thanks to its amazing location it offers a breathtaking view of the island where it is possible to admire the Sciacca’s coastline framing by the Mount Etna. The first settlement was created by Greeks in 260 BC and its name comes from a Greek word “pyrizein” which means “fire”. Thanks to its well preserve environment, its florid agriculture and its abundance of grazings this tiny village prospered becoming very popular over time.

The most important monuments of the village are:

The Castle, built in 745 BC with a Byzantine style;

The Archaeological museum; The Murales are impressive works of art made by local artists such as Totò Bonanno, Franco Nocera and Mario Bardi, which cover the main walls of the downtown centre; The Ethno-Antropological Museum displays an impressive collection of artefacts and ancient objects; The Castle of Margana, built in the 14th century; The church of SS Crocifisso, placed in the old town centre, is one of the oldest church of Prizzi.  The Church of San Leonardo, built in 1500.

The Church of San Francesco, built in 1700 with a Baroque style. The Church of San Nicolò, built in 13th century; the Church of San Sebastiano, built in the Byzantine period. The Mother Church of San Giorgio, created in 1561.

Close to the village it is possible to visit two beautiful green areas:

the Nature Reserve of Monte Carcaci, established in 1997 and managed by the Demanio Foreste to protect the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the natural habitat of the tiny red woodpecker;

the Nature Reserve of Valle del Sosio, located between the provinces of Agrigento and Palermo, was created in 1997 to protect a rich ecosystem of natural aquifers which is the ideal habitat for some rare birds such as Bonelli’s eagle, the kestrel and the red kite. It also includes the typical Mediterranean oaks and maples forest.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The I World War aviator Giuseppe De Marco

The poet and writer Vito Mercadante

The Jesuit priest and sociologist Ennio Pintacuda

The art historian Luigi Sarullo

The engineer and physicist Giuseppe Vaiana

Typical food:

Formaggio pecorino stagionato

Formaggio primo sale

Il caciocavallo


Pasqua a Prizzi Il Ballo dei Diavoli, traditional festivity

Presepe vivente, Christmas festivity

Fiera di Prizzi, traditional market

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Take SS624 to Strada Provinciale 2/SP2 in San Cipirello. Take the exit toward San Cipirello/Partinico from SS624. Take SP4 to Via Salvatore Aldisio/SS118 in Corleone.

By Train

The nearest station is Roccapalumba-Alia (30 Km)


Hotel Residence 11 Ponti, Hotel 3*

Contrada Canalotto  Prizzi, PA 90038

Ph.+39 0918344258

B&B Villa Misita

Azienda Agricola Traina  Casale


Ristorante Tre Torri 

ctr. S. Barbara, Prizzi, PA 90038

Ph. 091 834 6086

Pizzeria Raia Francesca 

5, Via Marchese Arezzo, Prizzi, PA 90038

Ph. 091 834 5677

Ristorante L’Agorà


Termini Imerese


Altavilla Milicia



Eraclea Minoa

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