Kasbah Café Restaurant & Pizza

Aeolian Islands/Lipari

The Kasbah Café was created as a cocktail and live jazz bar in 1996; one year later the pizzeria was added and since 1998, it focuses exclusively on the art of cooking.

The name “Kasbah” was chosen because it evokes the Arab domination in Lipari from 800 to 1000 A.D.

In 2013, the Kasbah moved to Vico Selinunte 45, in the centre of Lipari, not far from the previous location, within the tangle of narrow streets that lead to Marina Corta.

The cuisine, was inspired at first by the local culinary art, and is famed today and inspired by traditional cosmopolitan dishes, renovated and modified to follow the rhythms of the seasons and the simplicity of local products.

Great care is given to the presentation of the dishes: elegant, essential, but also ironic and irreverent.

The environment of the Kasbah has been completely renovated over the years, retaining its exoticism only in the name, which has remained unchanged for recognition … and superstition!

We are a dog-friendly restaurant: if you are coming over with your four-legged companion, let us know when you book and we’ll find the best table for your party.