Chiaramonte Palace

Palermo City

The Chiaramonte Palace is a museum on its own history where every passage of history has left its testimony.

Built in 1307, the Chiaramonte Palace was the residence of the powerful Sicilian lord Manfredi II Chiaramonte. After his death the palace went through many hands such as the Aragonese-Spanish viceroys followed by the Sicilian Royal, but today it is  notorious mostly for the period when it was used by the tribunal of the Holy Inquisition from 1600-1782. Currently used as a University building , the Chiaramonte Palace is a museum on its own history where every passage of history has left its testimony. The inquisition museum housed in the lower floors and basement offers an insight in the cells of the prisoners graffiti, artwork, poems and testimonies left from the witches imprisoned here from 1600 to 1782. The guided tours are very helpful in pointing out the details and teaching interesting facts of this period in Sicily.  To make the experience more provocative try going to one of their night events called ‘La notte delle Streghe.’ In this theatrical tour  the local ‘witches’ will guide you through the dark undergrounds with only torches!

Admission Fee: €5.00 Full / €3.00 Reduced under 18 & over 65 years of age

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00-13 & 14.30-18.30/ Sunday 10.00-14.00/ Monday Closed

Address: Piazza Marina 61, Palermo

Tip: If your going for a night time underground experience make sure to find out in advance and book the event prior as there is a max of 35 people allowed on this evening tour.

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