Fiume Irmino Nature Reserve

Province of Ragusa

The Fiume Irmino Nature Reserve offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to its visitors.

The Fiume Irmino Nature Reserve is the perfect place where you can spend some quiet time immersed in nature. Located in the area between the towns of Ragusa and Scicli, the importance of this reserve has been recognise since 1985 and is still being looked after and protected. The Irminio river starts in the Lauro Mountains, on the Iblei, and arrives all the way to the Mediterranean sea. In this area migrating birds come to take a break  while they are migrating between Africa and North Europe.
The Irminio river, originated from the Mount Lauro, is the most extended river of the province of Ragusa. The area overlooks the Mediterranean sea and it is characterised by a lush of vegetation and an incredible stretch of white sand beach.

The Fiume Irmino Nature Reserve includes interesting rare flora species such as the Salsola kali, the Calcatreppola, the lily sea, juniper, the ephedra, mastic, the Sicilian tea, the asparagus, the brionia and a vivid fauna characterised by several rare migratory birds.

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