Monastery of San Filippo Fragalà

Province of Messina

Monastery of San Filippo Fragala was an important centre for religious studies on saints.

The Monastery of San Filippo Fragala, located in the small town of Frazzanò,  is one of the oldest basilian monasteries in Sicily. Approximately 2km from the town centre, the monastery was built from the Count Ruggero and his wife Adelasia in 1090 and was an important centre for religious studies on saints. In 1866 the rich library of the monastery was transferred into the town to create an easier access to the books but unfortunately they were not well kept from the authorities and most of it got dispersed. Lucky the greek and latin papers that dated prior to the 18th century were transferred to the museum of Palermo where they were taken better care of.

Tours are free and are sponsored by the town of Frazzanò!

Admission Fee: Free

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9.30-12.30/ Saturday, Sunday & Holidays only by booking at the following numbers 00390941959037 or 0039329 1333928

Address: C/da Fragalà, 98070 Frazzanò (Me)

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