Mount Altesina Nature Reserve

Province of Enna

Mount Altesina Nature Reserve offers a 360 view of the centre of Sicily,

The Mount Altesina Nature Reserve is part of the Erei mountains near the village of Nicosia and Leonforte. The forest here is about 700 hectares and full of oaks, lentos and phyllirea trees, on the top of the mountain it is possible to discover one of the oldest relics of a Ilex tree forest. Mount Altesina offers a 360 view of the centre of Sicily, and thanks this strategical location it was used to defend the surrounding settlements as far back as the Bronze age. For this reason the area is full of archaeological findings such as settlements dating back to the 1st millennium BC, caves, Norman ruins and much more.

How to get there:

Take A19 Catania – Palermo, exit Enna and then follow the S.S. 121 to Leonforte, exit Erbavusa and then take the S.S. 94 to Villadoro.

Proceed 14km until you reach the main entrance of the Reserve.

Discover more about the Nature Reserve on its website:

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