Nightlife in Palermo

City of Palermo

The lively Nightlife is part of Palermo’s attractions with its charming and fascinating old town centre. 

Palermo is a lively and energetic capital city which is famous for its wonderful cultural attractions as well as its vibrant nightlife. The old town centre is always crowded at night thanks to a series of bars and cafés running lots of events in spring and summer. The city centre includes a series of charming and lively squares such as Piazza Castelnuovo and Piazza Verdi, and pedestrian strips surrounded by bars and clubs such as Via Roma, Via Ruggiero Settimo, Via Principe di Belmonte. The ideal place for students and rock lovers is Via Candelai where there is the popular I Candelai Club which offers many live music events, cover bands, international artists and DJ sets. The best places where you can find the Movida of Palermo are The Kursaal Kalhesa, Foro Umberto I 21, a bar-restaurant and bookshop; and the Palazzo Forcella de Seta, a famous space with evocative interiors and lush interior.

Palermo has an important tradition of putting on impressive theatre pieces due to the importance of its Teatro Massimo, where every year from November to July there is a wonderful opera and ballet season which attracts audiences from around the world. This amazing theatre is well known for its majestic interior and perfect acoustics which are considered the best in Europe. Close to the theatre is the Champagneria which offers a tasty all-you-can-eat menu with several local drinks.

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