Villa Giulia Garden

Palermo City

Villa Giulia offers a wonderful garden with a lush vegetation and artificial lakes. 

Villa Giulia, built between 1775-1778 outside the city walls near the sea, is just a few steps from the Botanical gardens. Initially it was constructed as a private garden for the viceroy Marcantonio Colonna who named it after his wife Giulia.  Various changes were made in the 1800s and soon after it became the first public park in Palermo. Created on a rigorous and classic geometric design on a square layout with two roads intersecting, this park has a central square with a  circular fountain in the middle. Bridges, small hills, artificial lakes and statues have been places sporadically throughout making this park what Goethe considered “the most marvellous corner on earth.”

Rather small, enjoy this park for its history and to take a nice break before rushing through more sightseeing around Palermo.

Admission Fee: Free

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 8 – 20

Address: Via Lincoln, Palermo

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