A Stunning View of the Sicilian Landscape

Enna has an incredible natural environment where it is possible to enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

If your trying to escape the tourist crowd, and breath some fresh mountain air, Enna is your best choice in Sicily. Situated on a high hill towering around the countryside 931 meters above sea level in a strategic position, Enna is famous for being the tallest capital in Italy. On the highest point of this city lies the fortified Lombardia Castle that holds the theater that is the closest to the stars!

Thanks to its location in the heart of Sicily and its scenic beauty Enna is considered as Belvedere (panoramic viewpoint) and ombelico (belly button). It is the only province in Sicily that does not confine with the sea but has lakes instead as its water source. What makes Enna different from other Sicilian costal cities is that here you can find less chaos, clean streets and therefore a well preserved historic appearance. The layout of the narrow streets in the historic centre give a medieval feel to this city and the archeological sites are a testimony of the Greek and Roman period.

Ultimately, Enna’s economy is essentially based on agriculture so you can be assured that you will be eating delicious fresh food when you visit!

Population: 171,190
Best Known For: Stunning Landscapes
Nearest Airport : Catania Airport
Nearest Ferry Port : Catania Port

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