Da Adelina Restaurant

Aeolian Islands/Panarea

A veranda located only a few metres from the sea with the waves crashing to the shore as a soundtrack? Or perhaps a roof terrace with only the stars above your head?

Da Adelina offers you both alternatives in an ambiance that is both intimate and elegant. As simple and as beautiful as the sky and the sea are.

What would you like to eat in a restaurant in Panarea?

Yes, exactly: the freshest fish and the finest traditional Sicilian dishes. A delight to behold and yet with new adaptations that are less elaborate. The traditional sardine pie is served here in a more sophisticated fashion with candied lemon and a warm bagnacauda dip made of potatoes and goat cheese; gnocchi are served in a squid ink sauce and cream-coloured tagliatelle are served with squid roulade…

Fifty years ago, a great fisherman known by the name of Giovanni Tesoriero decided to share his wife Adelina’s magical culinary skills with friends and tourists. This was to be the beginning of the restaurant in Panarea dedicated to her. Their son Giuseppe has managed it since the 1980s with the same love and respect that his parents held for it.

In the kitchen we have the chef Giovanni Sorano – who has been living and working in Panarea since he was a little boy. While Giuseppe was helping his father the fisherman, Giovanni was the boatman. They also attended to all the other chores that a restaurant requires. After their experiences on the island, Giuseppe and Giovanni began to travel and work – together and separately – on all five continents.

The formula of “winters spent travelling around the world and summers in Panarea” has made it possible for them to learn, compare and sample many different delicacies…after all, experience is essential to becoming a great chef and that includes the ability to manage those moments of (happy) tension when the restaurant is full.

Time and experience… now these two gentlemen have decided to work as a team once again at the restaurant in Panarea that they have loved their entire lives. Adelina’s garden provides all the spices and vegetables on the menu while the Aeolian Sea offers its fish to the joy of customers who return time and time again.