Nature Reserve of Isola di Pantelleria

Pantelleria Island

Nature Reserve of Isola di Pantelleria includes a spectacular natural environment including the famous Favare. 

The Nature Reserve of Pantelleria is one of the best location of this charming island. Pantelleria holds incredible treasures and thanks to its amazing natural environment it is the ideal place where it is possible to enjoy an unconventional holiday discovering wild locations and breathtaking panoramas. Surrounded by crystal clear water and colourful sea depths, its landscapes show a territory rich of vineyards and a wonderful Nature Reserve which extends from the center of the island to the coast. The volcanic origin of Pantelleria provides the spectacular columns of steam that can be admired from the clefts of rocks, known as the “Favare” and the natural saunas, called “Stufe”, in which the steam reaches very high temperatures. The island is well known for its healthy hot springs as the Specchio di Venere which is considered the most important and fascinating of Sicily.

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