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Uncovering Sicilian heritage & culture: Palermo

Discover all the smallest towns and villages close to the province you want to visit, and plan your tour through these amazing tiny towns rich in history and culture. Find out more information about the most important attractions and local traditions and enhance your unconventional tour of Sicily.

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Must See Towns in Palermo!


Altofonte is a charming village has a lovely old town centre which includes stunning cultural attractions.  The small village of Altofonte …

Altavilla Milicia

Altavilla Milicia is famous for its impressive productions of honey. Today the village product over 50 types of this delicious …


Aliminusa is an ancient village which is famous for its typical products.  Aliminusa, historically called Terrae Harminusae, was founded by …


Alimena offers amazing cultural attractions such as its beautiful Mother Church. Located in the Madonie Park groups, Alimena is considered an important village from which …


Alia is a well preserved Medieval village, characterised by an abundance of vegetation. Thanks to its location close to the Madonie Park, …

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